A business ally…

For all the times when you just need a partner to cover bases

SKYHIGH.VIP is a leading authority in Global Industry-Centric Chambers of Commerce. It operates as beacon and guiding force to Companies and Corporations that need international connectivity and business navigational expertise. With over 13 years of business leadership under its wing, Skyhigh.Vip has taken companies to the next level.


Skyhigh.Vip is one of the world’s most trusted institutional investor, helping professionals make confident decisions and connect with better businesses. Our customers operate in a global and complex arenas that move society forward — chamber of commences, multi-national agencies, government, and small-medium enterprise, all face increasing pressure and complexity as competition and technology disrupts every industry.

We help them reinvent the way business connections are being made. Our team of well-experienced individuals brings together information, innovation and industry insight to unravel complex situations, and our worldwide network of associates and partners keep customers up to date on global developments that are relevant to them.

We’re on a mission to help companies advance their businesses and gain competitive advantage with the trusted solutions only we can provide.

We are the solution Company. We connect positively. We are Skyhigh.Vip


We walk with you…

We will walk with you

We welcome SMEs to Global MNCs to be part of this strategic business growth and integrated expansion system. Our international members include start-ups, growing companies and established corporations. If organic business growth, global presence, and international connectivity are important to you, you need this.


Skyhigh.vip’s Concierge Arm has firm collaborations with over 15,000 international partners & vendors. With strategic placement of service staff in over 20 offices located in most major cities across the globe, Skyhigh.Vip is well positioned to service its growing number of both private and corporate members beyond their business and lifestyle expectations.

Skyhigh.vip’s Concierge Management Department has been a major service provider for hotels, malls and entertainment outlets all over the world through its proprietary training and service management programs and contracts.


An invisible grid of partners exists…

Service with passion, with style, coated with luxury

Skyhigh.Vip has put in place a unique methodology of creating targeted global connections. Members will be assisted and directly connected to solutions for their trade and business integration requirements. Skyhigh.Vip will be instrumental in various aspects of members’ business growth and integration into different cultures.

Experience your freedom with Skyhigh.Vip

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