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want to travel in style without any hassle?
want to know about the latest fashion trend even before official release?
And Many other more?

Yacht Party

Limousine Service

Personal Fashion Consultant

Vip Invites to Red Carpet Events

Luxurious Restaurants Across The Globe

Drive Away in Your Choice of Supercar While Overseas

Itinerary Planning

Private Jet Service

24/7 VIP Concierge Srvice

Get Your Hands on Limited Edition Bags/Wine/Cars

Exclusive Tickets to Fashion Shows Around The Globe

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Unique Experience

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you desperately seeking that rush you get when you climb a rocky mountain, canoe thru raging rivers or even skydive off an aircraft from 23,000ft? To be honest…so are we. At SKYHIGH.VIP, we encourage all new colleagues to go thru the initiation stage which includes some form of extreme sports like bungee jumping, white water rafting and para-sailing . This is to build up our confidence and determination levels. Plus it’s also a whole lot of fun.
Let us know what is your extreme pleasure and we will set you up for the adventure of your life. Join SKYHIGH.VIP and be part of an Elite Club of adventure seekers who live their dreams to the fullest, in the most daring way.

Premium Service

From Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to The Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas…we have them all in the palm of our hands. Let SKYHIGH.VIP take you there. When it comes to tempting Lady Luck, we help you do it in style, with pre-arranged flights, VIP Lounge access, Limousine pick-up and a personal greeting and tour of your chosen Casino. Baccarat or Caribbean Stud poker…High Rollers roll with us.

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