How We Started

We truly believe in this term ” YOLO” which means You Only Live Once, and the rest is all history, SKYHIGH.VIP itself is a testimonial of the founders committment to Life and Enjoyment mixing both together along with a touch of Luxury and Class to bring about a whole new level of Chic and Status.


Unveiling one of the most Exclusive Members Only Private Club

SKYHIGH.VIP is a proof of how individual living life to the fullest and not on the edge, by infusing the latest in lifestyle living with the modern day technology to form a Exclusive Members Only Private Club, so exclusive that new member have to be vetted before admitting.

My lifestyle manager knows me well enough to anticipate my needs and get me onto various invite-only guest lists!

-Lil Jack Member since 2012

As I thrive in a fast paced environment, it only made sense to me to take up a Skyhigh.Vip membership. Not only did it help me free up my time, but also helped me impress my clients

Todd Rupert, Elite Lifestyle Member since 2009
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