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SKYHIGH.VIP is proud of convening almost 200 forward-thinking global companies committed to advance the sustainability agenda. Sustainable business lies at the heart of sustainable development.

Collaboration across companies and industry sectors is the only option to build a safe and resilient world where sustainable companies are more successful, prosperity is shared and poverty is history.

If you want to know more about membership, see the Value Impact Voice or feel free to contact us at member@skyhigh.vip

Join Us

Demonstrate leadership in sustainability by joining Chamber, a CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies

  • Gain insights into the latest thinking and business models through a global multi-industry “laboratory” for sustainability
  • Develop the tools and capacity to successfully integrate sustainability within your business
  • Build resilience to social and environmental risks that may threaten your company’s competitiveness
  • Collaborate with peers across your value chain and from other industries to develop and scale-up solutions to shared sustainability challenges
  • Participate in policy development and influence the framework conditions under which you operate
  • Profile your sustainability work and strengthen your company’s reputation

Chambers Spotlight

If you are looking for valuable access to resources and information to make critical management and operating decisions, we can provide member companies with the tools and information to meet their business challenges.

Skyhigh Committees

Skyhgih’s committees of member-company representatives offer a unique opportunity to network with industry peers, share information and best practices, and stay on the cutting edge of changes in the industry.

Skyhigh Societies

SKYHIGH members play a critical role in supporting local communities and their economies. In addition to providing jobs directly and indirectly for nearly 2 million men and women across our country.

Why SKYHIGH? It is more than collaborating, more than leveraging, more than solving shared problems, it is kindred colleagues with a desire to change the world condition coming together to support one another. 

— Gail Hyde, CIO, Habitat for Humanity

A Part of Our Members

Interested in taking your organization to the next level through SKYHIGH membership ?

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