Our Project - Industrial Park

An industrial park is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. An industrial park can be thought of as a more “heavyweight” version of a business park or office park, which has offices and light industry, rather than heavy industry.

Our role is significant with our government accelerator program that usually forms the first level of networking between private businesses and government bodies. Often, way before any Ideas have been realized, Skyhigh.vip will play an important role in gathering relevant business information and feedback.

Batamindo Industrial Park

Batamindo Industrial Park was conceptualized under an economic cooperation agreement between the governments of Indonesia and Singapore in 1989.
Since its inception in 1990, the 320-hectare industrial park has evolved into an ‘MNC Park’ with a multitude of international brands having their regional manufacturing presence here. It was built on a solid foundation with key supporting infrastructure such as power generation, water and waste treatment, telecommunications, sanitary systems, firefighting and medical facilities as well as excellent estate management and thoughtful work-life amenities

Being the first of such a development for Singapore and the Indonesian Government, there was a seemingly impossible barrier to bring foreign investors into Batamindo and an independent panel was needed to secure the trust and support of the foreign MNCs, especially the Japanese and Euporean industrialists at that time. Skyhigh.vip played a key role in facilitating a movement and it gained traction until Batamindo was eventually handed back to the management of Indonesia.

VSIP Binh Duong

Since 1996, Sembcorp has partnered with the Vietnamese government to create integrated townships and industrial parks in the country that are complete work-live-play environments. There are nine Vietnam Singapore Industrial Parks (VSIP) in Vietnam’s southern, northern and central economic zones. These projects uniquely integrate industrial, commercial and residential solutions localised to suit the demands of Vietnam’s rapid urbanisation and industrialisation.

Moving into Vietnam in the early 2000’s was an achievement not only for Skyhigh.Vip but for the overall business community as Vietnam was speedily developing its industrial prowess against the backdrop of China.

Suzhou Industrial Park

Established in February 1994 with approval from the State Council, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is the first governmental cooperation project between China and Singapore. Covering an administrative area of 278 sqkm, it is home to 1.19 million people, including 807,800 permanent residents. SIP is recognized as an important window of China’s reform and opening-up and a successful model of international cooperation. It’s also the first open innovation comprehensive experimental area of China.

Being the very first of its kind, whereby Singapore along with a vast array of companies joined in the establishment of Suzhou Industrial Park which has become a model for success in China for others to follow and Skyhigh,vip is proud to be one of its pioneer batch in the early 2000’s after the groundwork had been laid, to be the middle person for companies coming from the western part of the world into china for the first time.

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