Freelancer Marketplace


Flexgigzz is an online platform where authentic freelancers offer their digital freelance services to business of various industries and all sizes across 400+ categories. Flexgigzz is the modern and secured solution to the gig economy where companies are able to post freelance jobs on our website, search for freelancing professionals online and hire work from home expert freelancer without ever leaving their office.

Short Courses


Soho Learning Hub is a web based learning network with a large number of classes for innovative and inquisitive individuals from reputable universities around the world, Its apparently straightforward courses which combines with powerful demonstration and illustration making it a good choice for student in their development, change, and revelation in individuals’ lives.

Office Interior Builder


Office Empire Pte Ltd is a Singapore Registered Class 2 Qualified Builder founded in 2007 and has rapidly transformed into a vital player in the commercial and office interior builder sector. It currently operates in 3 major cities – Singaore, Malaysia and Guangzhou with a combined staff strength of over 50.

Investable Art Auctioneer


Atelier Auction is the centre of art marketplace with hidden gems waiting to be discovered, whether you are an avid collector or savvy bidder. What makes Atelier Auction unique is the technology behind enables the growth of emerging art market by effectively connecting supply and demand on a global scale.

E-Sports Editorial


Esports Authority is dedicated to providing independent media coverage to all related to the world of E-Sports which is currently one of the fastest growing industry. We reach out to a monthly viewership of over 1 million tech-savvy millennia, game developers, league managers and e-sports enthusiasts. Our team compromise of gamers, writers, reviewers and those with a passion for all things e-sports.

Business Chamber Listing

Go Chambers

Go Chambers is a leading authority in Global Industry-Centric Chambers of Commerce. It operates as beacon and guiding force to Companies and Corporations that need international connectivity and business navigational expertise. With over 13 years of business leadership under its wing, Go Chambers has taken companies to the next level.

It Started with Love

Juneau Diamond

Started out as a back yard operation setting diamonds during the gemstone mining boom in Alaska and often shifting from one mine to the other.

Modern Collection of The Trends

SKYHIGH.VIP is well positioned to service its growing number of demands from both private and corporate entities beyond their business and lifestyle expectations.

International Gathering For Chambers of Commerce

Global Chamber Expo

The Global Chamber Expo provides an unrivalled platform to share today’s best-practices,