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Virtual exhibiting made easy and affordable with Exhibit Virtual

Exhibit Virtual is an online platform built to host virtual exhibitions, trade shows and custom exhibition stands.

The live audience industry has been disrupted and is prompting business to look for new marketing strategies. We think it is time to embrace another way of exhibiting.

Exhibitions and events have always been great meeting places to discover new products and brands, but clearly there are now issues affecting this traditional approach.

With Exhibit Virtual we have used technology to help event organisers by recreating the experience of walking around an exhibition, discovering more information, and making contacts. With on demand video not live. Check out our launch exhibition here.

And for those wanting a more single brand approach, Exhibit Virtual also hosts a gallery of virtual custom exhibition stands either designed by us or supplied to us.

Exhibit Virtual is not designed to replace the live experience, as humans we will always crave that physical hands on engagement. But hands on to many is now having it in the palm of your hand. Virtual technology can be used to bridge the gap when physical is not always possible.

Our mission has been to deliver this simple and affordable alternative to the complicated, expensive and outdated offerings currently available.

A simple and effective visitor experience that can last for months not days. That allows a global audience to view and interact with your virtual exhibition booth on their desktop and mobile.

If you are an event organiser who runs small to medium exhibitions, or an exhibitor, then why not reach out to us for more details about how we can help deliver your virtual exhibition. You can contact us at team@exhibitvirtual.online

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