Programs need to have

Click the Social Media icons to download the software and register an account Account
Video Call


Email Account
Official Communication


Skype Account
Internal Communication


Wechat Account
Internal Communication


Linkedin Account
Social Media Marketing


Pipedrive Account
CRM Program

what to do during your first week at


1) Get Skype Account
2) Join Skype Group
3) Get Email Account
4) Learn to login to Email
5) Get Pipedrive Account
6) Learn to login to Pipedrive Account
7) Download Pipedrive Guideline and read it
8) Allocate Business Unit and Geographical Region to Sales

After Your First Week, You be able to

A brief understanding of

Call and pitch your potential clients with confidence

Record all entries into Freshsales accurately

Understand the benefits of the product/service you are promoting to clients

Understand how to count and tabulate your Commission and Internal Promotion

Feel motivated and Achieve your first USD$5,000 with

Sales Commission Details

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